The Cannington Group a full-service environmental remediation company serving Ontario in a wide range of industries since 1976. Always looking to provide value-add services, they decided to introduce aerial drone technology to its job sites, to compliment its earthworks and remediation projects.

The demand for these services expanded. Clients began requesting drone services to complement their own projects.
In 2018 CG Drones was incorporated and a management team put together. Now, CG Drones Inc. provides services to an array of earthwork companies, construction and developers, energy, government and media firms.

CG Drones has expanded to work with enterprise drone manufacturers, accessory manufacturers and software developers, providing testing and direct input on the commercial applications and requirements for the next generation of enterprise drones.

Our team has years of experience in aviation, marketing, multimedia, technology, business and project management. From installing ground control points and performing surveys to post production media and marketing work, CG Drones can assist you.

The Management Team

Allan Gibbins, President

Alan Gibbins

Alan offers 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to many business sectors, including the commercial aircraft industry, where he specialized in manufacture and support. Alan is an accomplished manned and unmanned pilot, diver and is experienced in marketing, video and television production.

Stuart Stacey, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Stuart Stacey
VP & Chief Technology Officer

Stuart has 30 years business experience. His career started in insurance and claims management until his passion for technology lead him to the "" boom in North America and Asia. Working in both private and public sectors, Stuart's management skills range from management consulting, financial planning, risk assessment, and asset management planning.