We are commercial drone specialists that provide aerial video, photography, surveys, thermal and video inspections, volumetrics and more.  CG Drones offers marketing and multimedia production services from film to marketing and presentation material.
Our clients come from construction, government, waste management, energy, insurance, communications, media and more. 

CG Drones performing volumetrics in B.C. Canada
Over 70 acres flown several times a week to provide progress reports, volumetrics and 3D models
An inspection of a communications tower with zoom video

Alan Gibbins, President

Alan offers over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to many business sectors, including the commercial aircraft industry, where he specialized in manufacture and support. Alan is an accomplished manned and unmanned pilot, diver and is experienced in marketing, video and television production. Alan has managed over 50 television productions and numerous corporate projects.


Stuart Stacey, VP & CTO

Stuart has over 30 years business management and technology experience. His career started in insurance until his passion for technology lead him to the "dot.com" boom in North America and Asia. Working in both private and public sectors, Stuart's management skills range from business management, financial planning, risk assessment, and asset management.

Our team has been involved in over 800 shoots and aerial mission, over 50 television productions and numerous tourism and corporate projects. Marketers and film makers realize that drones are a powerful tool, able to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming, and create great and innovative video content.

CG Drones Inc. holds a national SFOC with Transport Canada and can operate day and night.

As of June 1st, 2019 and recent Transport Canada regulatory changes, CG Drones Inc. is advanced certified for operations.

We maintain the highest certifications and insurance standards at all times.

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