CG Drones are utilized in construction sites and earthworks for surveys and orthomosaic maps. Our drones are used over aggregate and in construction sites over stockpiles for volumetrics. We offer 2D and 3D data and an accuracy of <2cm. The multi-cam drones offer thermal and zoom video inspection of windmills, water tanks, communication and hydro lattice towers. Ultra HD video is taken for marketing, TV and film productions.  Our clients come from construction, government, waste management, energy, insurance, communications, media and more. Frankly, anyone seeking quality drone services.

The CG Drone fleet is made up of DJI Matrice 210 RTK's, Phantom 4 Pro's, and Inspire's. We have an array of cameras and sensors for what ever the job may require. Our field team also surveys and installs their own GCP's or ground control points where required, to ensure accuracy. A turnkey solution for our clients.

CGD Earth


Vancouver Quarry Volumetrics Project - 1 Day

Advanced aerial mapping of earthworks and excavations to individual stockpiles. The ground survey and aerial data is processed to give you comprehensive coverage of intricate areas, resulting in precise volumetric measurements.

CG Drone Aerial Mapping


70+ Acre Remediation Project over 18 MonthsAerial surveys and GCP's for measuring, orthometrics, mapping and more. CG Drones manages all certifications, regulations, insurance and compliance requirements. Processing and providing in any format.



Communications Tower InspectionUtilizing Zoom & thermal cameras, aerial inspections identify structural defects. Faster and safer, this combination of cameras provide decision-making data quickly and cost-effectively. Utility towers, solar farms, roofs, stacks, can all be inspected and recorded.

CGD Business Information Modelling


Building Information Modelling and drones are the perfect application from inception to completion. We assist in the time management of infrastructure and construction projects by providing job progress reports and identifying risks that could lead to potential delays.

CG Drone Agriculture services


Agriculture Health Reports are compiled by capturing aerial imagery using RGB sensors, multispectural and infrared imaging to digitize your land and provide data, allowing you to make informed crop management decisions.

Ultra HD Drone services for TV, Media and Movie shoots


Our pilots have been involved in over 50 television productions and numerous tourism & corporate projects. Marketers and film makers realize that drones are a powerful tool, able to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming.

The Cannington Group of Companies

CG Drones Inc. is a Division of The Cannington Group, which is a full-service environmental remediation company serving Ontario in a wide range of industries since 1976.


David McCrossan, CEO

David is the CEO of The Cannington Group. A privately held environmental remediation company. For over 40 years the company has provided a range of services to businesses and governments across Ontario. David is always seeking and introducing innovative solutions to assist our clients in their projects and to be more cost effective.
Visit The Cannington Group for more information.


Alan Gibbins, President

Alan offers over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to many business sectors, including the commercial aircraft industry, where he specialized in manufacture and support. Alan is an accomplished manned and unmanned pilot, diver and is experienced in marketing, video and television production. Alan has managed over 50 television productions and numerous corporate projects.


Stuart Stacey, VP & CTO

Stuart has over 30 years business management and technology experience. His career started in insurance until his passion for technology lead him to the "" boom in North America and Asia. Working in both private and public sectors, Stuart's management skills range from business management, financial planning, risk assessment, and asset management.

The Team

Our pilots and production team have been involved in 800 shoots and aerial mission, over 50 television productions and numerous tourism and corporate projects. Marketers and film makers realize that drones are a powerful tool, able to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming, and create great and innovative video content.

CG Drones Inc. is strategically located in Stouffville, Ontario, just off of the 404 and Aurora Side Road.  While we are capable of deploying anywhere across Ontario in a day, we are also nationally certified and have worked from coast to coast.

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